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Educational Services
IV Certification


P.I.C.C. offers in house facility education to you staff.  We are able to offer online education paired with hands on learning.  Our education follows state recommended guidelines that adhere to industry standards. 

P.I.C.C.'s Educational team has a combined total of nearly 60 years in vascular access training and insertion.  We want to bring this vast knowledge to your staff to help decrease vascular complications, greater return on investment, all while bringing a higher caliber of staff to increase your patient outcomes. 

P.I.C.C course offerings:

IV certification class/course

Basic IV knowledge

Central line care and Maintenance 

Proper vascular access choice

Decreasing central line complications

and many more including management and others....

P.I.C.C. can also help work with your purchasing departments to help in establishing products that will decrease overall expense for care, maintenance and insertion of vascular products.

IV Certification Class Course Offering

Our IV Certification course offerings are geared to minimize your nurses time away from the floor. We have paired computer modules with a complete hands on didactic from a skilled nursing personnel, that has an extensive amount of experience in IV Certification and IV education.

This course is designed to meet Tennessee state requirements. We can train in any other state as well; just contact us below.

For IV certification class and educational services needs nationwide contact below:

or call:


We look forward to servicing your Facility & Individual IV Certification and educational needs.

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