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Covid Safe Workforce Initiative (CSWI)

"Those of us on the front line working to make a difference on your business's bottom line."

Our CSWI for your business:

  • Covid-19 antibody test results that allow your business to choose the best path for employee/employee & employee/client interactions

  • Customized to meet the Covid-19 needs of your business

  • Ability to serve small and large businesses alike

  • Nationwide testing options

  • Continued commitment to bring the highest quality products available to produce the best results

  • Educated, professional staff 

  • Faster results than others

  • Ability to adapt to the changing Covid-19 testing processes

  • We are not just a quick result and gone. We believe in building a partnership that helps our clients get a better understanding of "Their" individual business circumstance and help guide those processes.

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