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Corona Virus/Covid-19 Changing & Adapting

We understand the difficulties and the misconceptions, that even we can face in the healthcare field, around this novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) virus we face. Our goal is to pair our medical knowledge with the private businesses. This partnership will help you be armed with knowledge as much as possible, which will help ease fear. Our medical division will custom tailor a Covid-19 program that fits the needs of your place of business and performs antibody testing for your employees and patients (if you are a medical facility). 

Testing for antibodies can give employers "real time" information that can be used, at their discretion, when restarting their workforce. Although this is a new "novel" virus that we are constantly learning from every day, antibodies are our body's natural response to an infection that protect it from future infections (this is why parents used to actually take their kids to another house that had chickenpox just so they got exposed and would gain antibodies). Thankfully, now we have vaccines for viruses such as Chickenpox, Polio, Hepatitis, etc. to help form our antibodies. At this point, there is currently no vaccine for Covid-19. As we press on in our attempts to find a vaccine for Covid-19, to aid in building these antibodies, our best option is to see if we already have them. Currently, we can only rely on our body's natural response to being exposed or having contact with Covid-19. Our goal is to provide testing to know if the person/employee/patient has these antibodies and utilize those antibodies within the workforce. There is still much be learned on how long will the antibodies last in the body, do they protect against reinfection, what percentage of our workforce has antibodies? These and many more items are what those of us in the healthcare field are working on diligently to answer. 

In healthcare, we wish we had all the answers... all the time, but unfortunately, we must adapt and evolve as viruses like Covid-19 do. That is where we come in by offering our:


Covid Safe Workforce Initiative (C.S.W.I)

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